The main objective of our company is to establish an efficient Environmental and OHS Management System, to take necessary measures for prevention of harm against environmental and human health, to prevent environmental pollution and to improve our performance in terms of environmental and human health continuously.

For this purpose, we guarantee;

  • to comply with all statutory legislations in effect regarding Environment and OHS,
  • to organize training activities in order to raise awareness of our employees, customers and suppliers on the environment and OHS,
  • to perform continuous improvement to prevent recurrence of accidents and events taking place,
  • to predetermine potential hazards to the environment and human health and to take measures beforehand,
  • to endeavor to provide a safe work environment for all of our employees with the target of zero accident,
  • to utilize natural resources economically and efficiently,
  • to take necessary measures for prevention of environmental pollution, minimization of wastes, recycling, and disposal of non-recyclable products,
  • to ensure continuity of the Environment and OHS Management System and continuous improvement with periodical reviews.